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Monitored Dosage System

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What is Monitored Dosage System

A Monitored Dosage System is a way of dispensing your medication so we can help you keep track of what to take and when to take it. You will receive your medication in a special tray which has several small compartments for your medication & divided into days of the week with various times of each day. We will then fill this tray with all your medications you need to take in the appropriate compartments.

What this means for you? You don’t need to struggle anymore with boxes & spending your time pushing out tablets from blister packets.

Who could Benefit?

  • If your taking large quantities of different medication.

  • If you’re finding it hard to keep track or remember what & when to take it.

  • If you struggle using your hands from opening boxes to pushing out the medication from blister packets, for e.g. those suffering with arthritis, or Parkinson’s.

  • If you have a particular medicine regime such as taking different medication throughout the day.

  • If you are visually impaired or have difficulty reading might find it easier to have medicines already prepared.

  • Helping to promote overall independence for all patients.

What will we do?

At Greywell pharmacy once we have received a prescription from your doctor, we will then get to work with packing your medication into a Monitored Dosage System & label appropriately. This will be given to you on a weekly basis or as specified by the prescriber.


MITA: Do provide this for?  We also provide services to local residential and nursing homes which includes delivering Monitored Dosage Systems and giving advice on using, storing and disposing of medicines safely.


We’re always here to help to answer any questions, from helping you understand more about your medication to how to take them.

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