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Kenalog Hayfever injection

Struggling with sever Hayfever?

What is hay fever?

Hay fever is an allergic reaction to pollen. & effects many of us at different stages of the year, depending on the type of pollen they're allergic to. Tree pollen allergies are triggered between March and May, while grass pollen occurs between May and July, and weed pollen allergies Hay fever is the same as any other allergic response: your immune system identifies a foreign substance entering the body and attempts to remove it – initiating an inflammatory response. In the case of hay fever, the foreign body is pollen, which is harmless.


Hay fever is usually worse between late March & September, especially

when it's warm, humid & windy.

Our immune system triggers array of cold-like symptoms that range from frequent sneezing and coughing to severe exhaustion and sickness. Other common hay fever symptoms include:

  • Runny or blocked nose

  • Red watery eyes

  • Itchy throat, mouth, nose, eyes or ears

  • Headaches

  • Wheezing

  • Tight chest

  • Loss of smell

How to treat hay fever yourself

There's currently no cure for hay fever and you cannot prevent it. But you can do things to ease your symptoms when the pollen count is high.


  • Put Vaseline around your nostrils to trap pollen

  • Wear wraparound sunglasses to stop pollen getting into your eyes

  • Shower and change your clothes after you have been outside to wash pollen off

  • stay indoors whenever possible

  • Keep windows and doors shut as much as possible

  • Vacuum regularly and dust with a damp cloth

  • Buy a pollen filter for the air vents in your car and a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter

  • Try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people if you have a high temperature or you do not feel well enough to do your normal activities


  • Cutting grass or walk on grass

  • spending too much time outside

  • Keeping fresh flowers in the house

  • smoking or be around smoke – it makes your symptoms worse

  • Drying clothes outside – they can catch pollen

  • Letting pets into the house if possible – they can carry pollen indoors

A pharmacist can help with hay fever

Speak to one of our team members if you have hay fever.

We can advice and suggest the best treatments, like antihistamine drops, tablets or nasal sprays to help with:

  • Itchy and watery eyes and sneezing

  • A blocked nose

Can you get a hay fever injection?

The hay fever injection, called Kenalog, is still officially licensed for the treatment of severe hay fever in the UK,  the treatment is for those who suffer from severe hay-fever, that is resistant to alternative treatments.


Get in touch for further information on the service, or to book a consultation.

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