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Profhilo Injectable treatment

Is your skin lacking volume & elasticity or noticing wrinkles,

sagging skin or premature ageing?


What is Profhilo injectable treatment

As we age, the production of key substances in the skin, including hyaluronic acid (along with collagen and elastin) decreases, as a result, our skin loses volume, hydration, and plumpness.

At Greywell clinic we offer Profhilo injectable treatment, this non-surgical anti-ageing treatment is a new approach to promoting radiant skin. Rather than just plumping & filling wrinkles, Profhilo injectable is the the slow release of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which stimulates the production of collagen & elastin, in turn improving skin tone, hydration and the appearance of fine lines, by rejuvenating, stimulating collagen and elastin production, & hydrating the skin, resulting in a improved skin quality.


A revolutionary 'beneath the skin' hyaluronic acid moisturising treatment



The Profhilo treatment can help to correct:

  • Reduces appearance of fine lines & wrinkles & re-hydrates the skin

  • Moisturises from the inside out

  • Uses slow-release Hyaluronic Acid

  • Stimulates the production of collagen & elastin

  • Help tighten and lift the skin.

  • Can be used on the face, neck, decolletage & hands

What is the difference between Profhilo & Fillers?

Both fillers & Profhilo use hyaluronic acid, however both work in different ways, fillers are thicker in consistently & does what he names suggests and fills a particular area leaving a volumizing effect to sagging skin, whereas Profhilo is much thinner and therefore spreads across a larger area once it’s injected, Profhilo encourages the body to produce its own anti-ageing collagen and elastin, leaving a more natural appearance.


How long does the results last?

Depending on the individual results can last up to 6-9 months, however, this may vary by patient & depends on skin type & age.


How long does the treatment take?

Generally, the treatment is quick & can take around 20-30min per session, depending on the area.


How long is the recovery time?

Since this is a non-surgical treatment, therefore there is no downtime for recovery after the procedure, you may see some small raised bumps from the injections, but these settle within 24 hours. We advise you do not to put any products (including makeup) over the area treated for at least 6 hours.


What areas are used to treat with Profhilo?

Unlike fillers, Profhilo can be used to treat the signs of ageing not only on your face, but also the neck, décolletage, chest, stomach, inner arms, hands and knees.


Which one is the right one for me?

At Greywell clinic our trained practitioners we will help choose which treatment is the best for you, & help you decide which is most suitable for you, in regards to your concerns & your treatment goals.

Profhilo is generally a popular among the mature age group, as it gives beautiful hydration to the skin, softens fine lines and plumps the skin. So depending on your priorities if it’s to smooth skin texture, minimise fine lines and achieve a radiant complexion, Profhilo is the way to go. However, if you’ve lost volume in the face and would like to restore a beautifully balanced appearance, dermal fillers will likely be the most appropriate treatment pathway.

Can Profhilo be used along side other treatments?

Profhilo can be used alongside both traditional dermal fillers and Botox & can work together perfectly to manage particular problem areas and give you an overall radiance boosted appearance. However it’s not advised to have the treatment with other fillers in the same area of injections.



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