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Ear Infection Treatment

Are you suffering from painful ear infection?



What are Ear Infections?

An ear infection is a bacterial or viral infection of the middle ear. This infection causes inflammation and the build-up of fluid within the internal spaces of the ear & can often cause pain, inflammation, & being sick, & can be treated with ear drops, solution or sprays to help clear the infections.

Ear infections are very common, & can affect anyone of any ages, but commonly occur in children.

Ear infection can be caused by other factors such as Infection in the inner ear or ear canal, Build-up of ear wax, Viral infections like the cold or flu & Injury to the ear.


Ear infections are common, & can be very painful, we offer ear infection

treatment, so you don’t need to suffer anymore.



How can we help?

Ear infection often clear up on their own within 3 days, you do not always need to see a GP for it. However, for those who experience severe or recurrent infections, you may need to seek treatment. Treatment for your earache will depend on the cause. We can recommend acidic eardrops to help stop bacteria or fungus spreading for more severe ear infection, you may require antibiotics.


Symptoms of an Ear Infection

Symptoms start quickly & clear up, without treatment, (within 3 - 7 days) common symptoms include:


  • Pain inside the ear

  • A high temperature

  • Being sick

  • A lack of energy

  • Difficulty hearing

  • Discharge running out of the ear

  • A feeling of pressure or fullness inside the ear

  • Itching and irritation in and around the ear

  • Scaly skin in and around the ear


Treating a Ear infection yourself at home?

To relieve any pain & discomfort from an ear infection, you can:

  • use painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen

  • place a warm or cold flannel on the ear

  • Carefully remove any discharge by wiping the ear with cotton wool


How to prevent a ear infection?

You cannot always prevent ear infections, however there are things to help.

  • Make sure your child is up to date with vaccinations

  • Keep your child away from smoky environments

  • Dry ears after swimming & bathing

  • Keep objects out of the ear,

  • Avoid sticking cotton buds or your fingers in your ear



Get in touch if you think you have a Ear infection

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