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Phlebotomy service

Take charge of your health with a blood test

Here at Greywell pharmacy, we are happy to introduce our new Phlebotomy service. Take charge of your health with a blood test, whether your concerned about your health, want to monitor your health condition, managing an existing condition or lift your performance, a simple blood test is a perfect place to start


What is a Phlebotomy service?

Our new service allows patients to give blood samples without having to go to hospital, you can either buy a test & do it in the comfort of your own home, where a pre-paid postage for the home test is provided. alternatively, you can pop into our pharmacy to have it done, which is then sent off to the lab.


Quickly and efficiently access a range of tests and checks

Do I need a blood test?

It isn’t always easy or noticeable to detect underlying health issues, but if you have noticed changes in how you feel or are curious about your overall health, we have the test for you. We provide a fast, affordable and easy way to start taking charge of your own health


You can take a test of the following:



Get in touch if us to find out more, or pop into our pharmacy

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General health:

  • General health

  • Cholesterol test

  • Covid-19 antibodies blood test

  • Thyroid function - Diagnosis & Monitoring

  • Anaemia

  • Iron status

  • Allergy complete

  • Vitamin

  • Dull Thyroid

  • Full thyroid

  • Heart

  • Premier health

  • Well person

  • Tiredness/ Fatigue

  • Diabetes – Diagnosis & Monitoring

  • Vitamin D

  • Vitamin B12

  • Sports hormones

  • Sports fitness

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Women’s health:

  • Fertility hormones

  • Well women comprehensive 

  • Pregnancy test – Beta HCG (Quantitative)

  • Female sexual health – Advance screen

  • Menopause hormones

  • Progesterone – Day 21 ovulation

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Men’s health

  • Prostate

  • Male hormones

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Well man comprehensive

  • Male sexual health – Advance screen

  • Testosterone plus

  • Testosterone check

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