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Ear Piercing Service

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Earlobe & ear-cartilage piercings by experienced,

fully qualified professionals



Ear Piercing Service

At Greywell Pharmacy we offer ear piercings for both earlobe & ear-cartilage, done by one of our experienced & fully qualified professionals, we provide piecing’s for adults & children.



Both Earlobes £29.99

Ear-Cartilage - 

Prices include studs which are hypoallergenic for sensitive ears.


Our professional piercing system offers a safe, gentle and hygienic method



The Procedure?

The skin is disinfected with a 70% alcohol solution, after it is dried, we then mark the ear hole. The procedure is done with a sterile ear-piercing gun, by one of our trained professionals, who will then talk you through the after care.


Does it hurt?

Everyone is different, but typically, you’ll normally feel a quick, sharp pinch while the skin is being pierced. The procedure is quick and fast and done within 5min.




Our team will provide you with an aftercare regime to ensure your piercing heals without infection. it is important to keep the area clean & dry, aftercare is simple & easy by gently cleaning the area with a saline solution. Be aware to not be over cleaned as it can irritate the skin and delay healing.

  • AVOID touching the area during the healing process, and always wash your hands before touching the stud or your ears.

  • Clean around the area with a cotton bud twice a day with a mixture of salt and distilled water. There is no need to twist the jewellery as this can cause damage and disrupt the healing process.

  • Most lobe piercings heal within 6 weeks with cartilage piercings taking around 12 weeks. Once the area is properly healed, you can safely change the jewellery.


Do i need to book a appointment?

Walk-ins are welcome - No appointment is required.

Get in touch to find out more about our Ear piercing service!

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